AT&T iPhone Parental Controls


Teen Cell Phone Monitoring

teensIt can be hard when teens become evasive or your relationship becomes strained.  Smart Shepherd created its advanced cell phone monitoring software with concerned parents in mind, to help you connect with your teen even when they don’t want to connect with you.

The Benefits of Parental Controls

Parental controls are useful in so many ways for today’s pressing parenting issues.  Sexting, cyber-bullying, truancy, and other dangerous activities can be hard for parents to identify and address.  But parental controls give you access to not only what the child is doing, but who they are talking to, where they are, and what kind of activities they are engaging in.These controls let you into your teen’s world through social media monitoring, text message monitoring, call monitoring, and internet monitoring.  Ultimately what you get is the tools you need to identify inappropriate or dangerous activities and set some limits for your teen when necessary.  No uncomfortable interrogation of your teen is required.

Addressing Teenage Issues As They Happen

Smart Shepherd is concerned about the harm that can come to teens in today’s environment.  We, too, have heard the stories on the news of children being bullied to the point of suicide, receiving nude photos on their phone, or going to dangerous places only to result in negative consequences.  But when you have the right software installed on the phone, you can intercept these problems as they occur using the monitoring tools running in the background.We often hear from parents who say their teen was depressed and talking to friends about it, but they didn’t have any idea until they used Smart Shepherd to check the text messages.  We have also heard from parents who have intercepted a teen while they were on their way to a dangerous location – in one case even an abortion clinic – using our GPS tracking feature.  In all cases these parents were able to talk to their teen about making smart decisions and help prevent a lifelong consequence.

The Right Age for Monitoring

At Smart Shepherd we believe it’s up to parents to decide the appropriate age to monitor cell phone activity.  How old is too old?  It’s a personal choice that depends on your family, your particular situation, and how much you decide you need to monitor your teen.But regardless of age, our controls are especially useful for helping enforce phone usage limitations or even curfews.  Or they can provide a tool to give some leeway when reintroducing freedoms to a teen who lost their privileges.  Whatever age this needs to be done is up to the individual parent, and at Smart Shepherd we advocate the freedom to choose what works best for your family.

Get the Most Robust Monitoring Software Today

Let Smart Shepherd be your partner in protecting your teen as they learn to make appropriate decisions and become responsible adults. Our monitoring software works with any cell phone – Android or iPhone – and with any cell phone provider.  It runs quietly in the background without changing the operating system, draining the battery, or slowing down the phone.  The only visible piece is a Panic button, which teens can use to activate GPS tracking and emergency messaging if they find themselves in a dangerous situation.As a parent you can log into our website 24 hours a day to monitor text messages, social media activity, internet usage, file downloads, phone calls, surrounding audio, and any other data you need to make sure your child is safe.  So why not get started today?  You pay month to month, there is no obligation, and you can cancel at any time.

Android Parental Controls

Android phones are quickly catching up to iPhones in popularity.  So if your child has an Android and you want to monitor their cell phone usage, let Smart Shepherd be your partner.

The Best Android Monitoring Software

Smart Shepherd offers the most advanced monitoring tools on the market for Android phones.  Our app includes not only text and email monitoring but also full internet monitoring, audio monitoring, and GPS tracking.When you’re looking for the best software to help you parent your kids while they’re away, you need a full suite of monitoring tools that let you get a complete glimpse into your child’s world.  This means not limiting parental controls to text messages and emails that can only catch so much.  There are dangers that go beyond written communication and that need to be captured as well.

How Our Android Parental Controls Work

Smart Shepherd’s parental controls were designed to capture not only written texts and emails but also voice calls, GPS positioning, app activity, and even surrounding audio.  When you log into our website you will have 24/7 access to your child’s physical location as well as information about who they talked to, what was said, what pictures were viewed, their social media activity, and what websites were visited.Smart Shepherd goes beyond basics to provide parents the tools they need to intercept and address some challenges that can be hard to identify.  Issues like sexting, cyber-bullying, truancy, and driving to unsafe locations are often impossible to get kids to talk about.  So when necessary, our parental controls can help you enforce curfews and limits on cell phone usage to manage some of the issues you discover.

Android Monitoring: Choose to Know

When you’re monitoring your children through their cell phones you’re choosing to know what’s going on in their lives.  It isn’t about spying, but instead is about gaining information you need to protect them from dangers when you can’t physically be there.With Smart Shepherd, how much you monitor is up to you.  And how much you discuss it with your child is also up to you.  The software can run in the background behind our unique Panic button without altering the phone’s operating system or affecting battery life, or you can discuss the monitoring features with your child openly if you want to have a dialogue.

Get Started Today

Sign up with Smart Shepherd for the best Android monitoring software on the market.  And as a bonus, get our unique Panic feature that lets kids reach out to you instantly in case of an emergency.  One click of the button activates GPS tracking, captures images of the child’s surrounding every five seconds, and notifies emergency contacts immediately.  It’s a whole other layer of protection that is only available through Smart Shepherd.So why not get started today?  Let us be your partner in parenting kids on the go.  There is no long-term commitment, you pay month to month, and you can cancel at any time.

Parental Controls to Monitor Sexting

Smart ShepherdStatistics show that 1 in 3 kids have sent or received explicit texts and 1 in 5 have sent or received nude photos.  As parents we understand the dangers of this type of activity.  But aside from talking to your kids about the potential consequences of engaging in sexting, is there anything more you can do?With Smart Shepherd, there is.

Getting More Involved Through Monitoring

We know that sometimes talking to kids isn’t enough to prevent them from engaging in dangerous behavior.  Temptations and peer pressure can be too great.  At Smart Shepherd we want to help parents take a more active role in their child’s sexting activity through advanced cell phone monitoring software.Our company was started by concerned parents, and we believe in the importance of involvement when it comes to protecting kids from the danger gateway that exists through the use of their smartphones.  And this means getting a little bit closer by looking at their cell phone activity to monitor exactly what is going on.

Installing Parental Controls on Cell Phones

Installing parental controls is as easy as a simple download that goes to your child’s phone.  It’s invisible when it runs, doesn’t alter the phone’s appearance in any way, and doesn’t slow it down.  The only visible piece of the software is the Panic button that lets a child reach out to you in case of an emergency.Smart Shepherd has worked diligently to create its advanced monitoring applications for Android and iPhone that can help you gain access to your all of your child’s cell phone activity anytime you have a concern.  And you can choose how much you tell your child about the software thanks to a smart design that runs invisibly in the background.

Talking To Your Child About Cell Phone Monitoring

Depending on the relationship with your child and the situation at hand, some parents choose to fully explain the monitoring software being installed on the phone.  Other parents may be dealing with an evasive teen who won’t engage in much conversation, so they choose to only explain the Panic button feature that the child can see.Smart Shepherd developed its software so that you can discuss your parenting strategy to whatever extent you feel is best.  Even if you only want to disclose the Panic button functionality, you can still explain that you’re giving them access to you anytime they need it in case of an emergency.

Monitoring Sexting Activity

Once installed, Smart Shepherd transmits data to a website where parents can log in and view real-time information about all of their child’s cell phone activity.  Parents can monitor internet activity, social media interactions, pictures sent and received, text messages sent and received, and phone calls made.Even if a child deletes a potentially dangerous picture or text, the phone’s parental controls still let you see exactly what was deleted.  And you may find that your child is being exposed to unwanted sexting activity through unsolicited texts and pictures, which is something you can intervene in immediately when they may feel powerless.

Ready to Take the Next Step?

Sign up with Smart Shepherd today to gain the monitoring capabilities and parental controls you need to protect your children from the dangers of sexting through cell phones.  There is no long-term commitment, you pay month to month, and you can cancel at any time.Our software lets you take control of this modern issue in a way that you couldn’t before, without causing an emotionally tense confrontation with your already struggling teen.  Your best solution to sexting activity is through active cell phone monitoring, which is just one click away with Smart Shepherd.

iPhone Parental Controls

Smart ShepherdChildren or teenagers with iPhones usually take them wherever they go.  The great news is that modern technology lets you monitor your child’s activity using parental controls, which means you can be there no matter where they are.  And if you want the option, the software can be installed without them knowing.  It’s all running behind our exclusive Panic button – the only part of the software that’s visible to your child.

Types of parental controls

Cell phone monitoring companies offer different levels of parental controls in their software packages.  The features that are generally available on the market include:
  • Internet monitoring
  • Call logs and text message monitoring
  • Social media monitoring
  • GPS tracking capabilities
Each software provider will have varying levels of controls for phone calls, apps, and websites.  So it’s important to look carefully at the types of activity you want to monitor and what technology is available.  There might be more out there than you thought.

Protecting your child

Children can be evasive when you ask who they’re talking to or where they’ve been.  A cell phone provider can only tell you the phone numbers they called or texted and when the interaction took place.  Monitoring software, however, gives you all the information your child won’t tell you.
  • Imagine your teenager is talking on the phone and becoming distraught or angry.  With Smart Shepherd you can go to your PC, activate live phone call monitoring, and listen in on the conversation.  Or you can review the logs to determine who they were talking to and for how long.
  • Most children and teens spend hours on the internet, often through their smartphones. With Smart Shepherd you can monitor their internet activity, block access to inappropriate websites, review how much time they are spending surfing, and see exactly what they are looking at.
  • Is your pre-teen is supposed to be doing homework when they come home?  Find out by logging into Smart Shepherd to see if they are on their phone instead.  Maybe the GPS tracking shows them to not even be at home, which is an entirely different problem to correct.
Powerful iPhone controls give you the ability to be there virtually even when you aren’t there physically.  It goes beyond watching your child; it’s protecting your child just as you would when they are at home.  So why not protect them while they’re on their own too?

What you can monitor with parental controls

There is a broad range of software you can install on a cell phone to review phone call information, set parental restrictions on phone usage, and gather data about your child’s surroundings.  Smart Shepherd’s unique iPhone monitoring software goes beyond call logs and text messages to let you:
  • Install a Panic button to gather information in case of an emergency (when your child presses the Panic button, the phone immediately reports their GPS location and begins snapping pictures every 5 seconds).
  • Track your child’s location through GPS, including all places they have visited as well as their current location.
  • Use internet controls to monitor your child’s activity and protect them from exposure to inappropriate websites.
  • Review text message content and any attachments or photos.
  • Control your child’s access to their cell phone by restricting phone usage at any time (i.e. at bedtime or during school).
  • Listen in on your child’s phone calls in a completely undetected manner.
  • Turn on audio to listen to your child’s surroundings at any time.
Our advanced iPhone software gives you the most extensive suite of parental controls on the market, moving beyond static data into live information like phone conversations and on-demand audio streaming.  And you can monitor everything just by logging into a website.Ready to protect your child on the go?  Sign up with Smart Shepherd today.  Our software can be installed quickly on your child’s phone, using the Panic button to disguise it or giving full disclosure to your child.  And it can’t be removed without your knowledge.  It’s the best insurance you have for monitoring your child’s activities in a technologically advanced world.

Is Cell Phone Monitoring Too “Big Brother”?

Smart ShepherdMany concerned parents just like you have thought about cell phone monitoring software for their child’s phone.  But have you ever felt like you would come across as spying?  Or are you afraid to create a “big brother” kind of atmosphere?Maybe the lines of communication have started to break down and you’re worried about how your child might react, and if you’ll do more damage than good by installing parental controls.You are certainly not alone in your concerns.  And we’re here to help!

Am I Protecting Kids or Spying?

This is a question we get all the time at Smart Shepherd.  Parents see the flurry of reports on TV about cyber bullying, sexting, pornography and nude photos.  They become concerned about their child’s exposure to these kinds of negative interactions through smartphones and want to do something about it.What it comes down to, though, is that you’re choosing to know what’s going on with your child by installing some sort of monitoring application on their phone.  And it doesn’t have to be done in a way that feels like spying, or an invasion of privacy, or too much control.  You can choose how you want to install Smart Shepherd, and you can choose how to communicate with your child about it.

To Tell or Not To Tell

The entire Smart Shepherd software runs behind a Panic button that can hide the parental controls completely if you choose to do so.  At the end of the day, you determine exactly how much to tell your child or teenager to make them feel comfortable with the software.This is the beauty of our Panic button interface design – that you can decide which approach works best for your family and for your particular situation.  It lets you determine the kind of experience your child has with the software and helps you create a more positive feeling about it.

Choosing to Tell                                                                      

Maybe you are giving a younger child a phone for the first time, or you have a very open relationship with your teenager.  Or maybe you have no immediate concerns but want to monitor your child’s cell phone activity as a preventative measure.  In these cases, you might choose to have a full disclosure discussion about Smart Shepherd.You can explain to them that you’re installing some monitoring software on their cell phone and that it is their responsibility to use their phones in a positive manner.  You can also explain that you won’t be watching all the time, but that sometimes you’ll be paying attention.  And that you’re doing it to make sure they’re safe when you can’t be there.

Choosing Not to Tell

If you suspect your child may be depressed, suicidal, experimenting with drugs, or being bullied, chances are the lines of communication have already broken down.  You may feel unable to reach them in a regular conversation and worry about making the situation worse.So when choosing not to tell, we encourage parents not to think of it as spying.  Spying implies a negative intent, whereas most parents come to Smart Shepherd because they’re just trying to become more involved and help their child.  And depending on the child, you may gain access to information that might even save their life.

Smart Monitoring Capabilities

With Smart Shepherd you can monitor text messages, internet activity, incoming and outgoing calls, emails, and even your child’s surroundings.  If your child isn’t answering the phone, you can listen in on their calls, turn on the surrounding audio, or enable GPS tracking to make sure they’re ok.  This also means you can watch social media activity, see photos they send and receive, and gain insight into any struggles they might be dealing with but are afraid to tell you about.Simply having access to parental controls can help you intervene in your child’s life before he or she chooses a destructive path like drugs, sexting, self-harm, unsafe sexual activity, or suicide.  It’s just advanced parenting to solve some of the challenges kids face today.

Installing Our Monitoring Software

How you choose to install our Smart Shepherd Android or iPhone software is up to you.  It’s a simple download that doesn’t slow down the operating system or drain the battery, and the only visible piece for your child is the Panic Button.Once it’s installed you can go online and monitor real-time activity with a simple mouse click.  You might also want to talk to your child about how quickly you will be available to them in an emergency, creating an open dialogue about a variety of challenges and dangers kids might face in their day to day lives.

Smart Shepherd’s Vision: Empowering Parents

Founder Damon Davis had a vision to create parental control software that not only empowers parents to navigate modern day technology but that also can be used to address a wide variety of parenting concerns related to smartphones.  He chooses to provide full disclosure to his own children about the software but encourages parents to make the communication decision that’s right for them.Smart Shepherd is compatible with any type of phone including Android, iPhone, and Blackberry, and works with any cell phone provider.  There are no contracts to sign, you pay month to month, and you can cancel at any time.So why not sign up today and start protecting your kids and teens?  Let us become partners in your parenting efforts and help you protect your children from negative exposure through smartphones.  The best monitoring technology on the market is right here, just one click away, with Smart Shepherd.