The Safe & Easy iOS 7 Jailbreak.


  The long awaited iOS 7 Jailbreak is finally here!  This is the quickest, safest, and easiest Jailbreak ever released.   There are many websites offering iOS 7 jailbreaks that contain viruses and malicious code.  In order to provide our … Continue reading

AT&T iPhone Parental Controls

If your child has a phone from AT&T, you may be looking for ways to monitor their cell phone activity.  Smart Shepherd offers robust monitoring software with a unique set of features to help you become a more involved parent.  … Continue reading

Parenting Teens Through Cell Phone Monitoring


It can be hard when teens become evasive or your relationship becomes strained.  Smart Shepherd created its advanced cell phone monitoring software with concerned parents in mind, to help you connect with your teen even when they don’t want to … Continue reading

Android Parental Control and Monitoring Software

Android phones are quickly catching up to iPhones in popularity.  So if your child has an Android and you want to monitor their cell phone usage, let Smart Shepherd be your partner. The Best Android Monitoring Software Smart Shepherd offers … Continue reading

Is Cell Phone Monitoring Too “Big Brother”?

Smart Shepherd

Many concerned parents just like you have thought about cell phone monitoring software for their child’s phone.  But have you ever felt like you would come across as spying?  Or are you afraid to create a “big brother” kind of … Continue reading

Cell Phone Parental Controls to Monitor Sexting

Smart Shepherd

Statistics show that 1 in 3 kids have sent or received explicit texts and 1 in 5 have sent or received nude photos.  As parents we understand the dangers of this type of activity.  But aside from talking to your … Continue reading

Protecting Your Child with Cell Phone Monitoring

Most kids have an iPhone or Android phone by the time they are a pre-teen.  As parents we want to protect our children from predators, inappropriate content on the internet, and other dangers in their school environment like bullying.  But … Continue reading

Better Parenting Through iPhone Parental Controls

Smart Shepherd

Children or teenagers with iPhones usually take them wherever they go.  The great news is that modern technology lets you monitor your child’s activity using parental controls, which means you can be there no matter where they are.  And if … Continue reading